About us

We are two qualified Audiologists, with over 38 years Audiology experience between us. 
Having realised that people in Cornwall are struggling to get those blocked waxy ears cleared, we have both retrained and qualified in wax micro suction.  We are now able to offer our private clinics, at venues throughout the county.   
We currently have two clinics running, one at the 'Merlin MS Centre', near St Austell,  and one at 'The Cornish Therapy Centre' in Redruth. Further venues to be announced.
We look forward to welcoming you through our doors.


What is Micro suction?

Micro suction is a technique whereby a suction end is used as a tiny 'hoover', and gently applied to remove any excess wax build up in the ear canal. It is one of the safest and quickest methods compared to ear syringing.

Why do we get wax?

Ear wax is perfectly normal, and is produced from the sebaceous glands in the outer ear canal. It works as a natural protector and lubricant, trapping dirt, dust, bacteria and foreign bodies. 
Our ears are one of the only self cleaning parts of the body, and by a form of migration the wax will work its way out of the ear. At times though unfortunately this this process breaks down, and a build up of wax can occur. This is the time when you will require some assistance to get the wax removed.

Symptoms of wax build up

  • Ears feeling blocked

  • Difficulty hearing

  • Tinnitus

  • Dizziness

  • Earache/Itchiness


Meet our staff

Both our staff are happy to help and offer advice about ear care.


Tracey Palmer

Tracey moved to Cornwall 30 years ago, and hasn't looked back!
She gained her Audiology qualifications in 1999, and has gained over 21 years experience within the health service. Having looked in many an ear, and knowing the importance of keeping ears healthy, she has now diversified into the wax removal world. Tracey works out of our St Austell clinic held at the Merlin MS Centre in St Austell.


Chantelle Willey

Chantelle has lived in Cornwall all her life, and has stayed put in the county that she loves.
Chantelle like Tracey also has a vast experience, and background in Audiology. She has worked in a  healthcare background for the last 18 years with adults and paediatrics. Chantelle has also retrained and gained her certificate in wax removal. She is currently working at our Redruth clinic, which she runs out of the Cornish Therapy Centre.

Clinic Prices


Ear consultation


Ear consultation, otoscopy, video otoscopy and advice. No wax removal required


Ear consultation with wax removal

*Special offer £40*

This includes  the ear consultation  with otoscopy, video otoscopy and advice. Plus the removal of wax from ears either one or both.  Normal price £50


Follow up appointment 


A follow up may be required if unable to remove all necessary wax. Whether it be too stubborn or too deep in the ear canal.

For more information about our services, get in touch with us today.


*Working under strict Covid 19 guidance*

All clinical spaces are cleaned down in-between patients, and staff wear full PPE whilst performing wax removal treatment. We are unable to see ears with known mastoid cavities, and perforations. Please contact us if you wish to discuss.



We at Duchy Ear Care are looking forward to seeing you. For any questions, or to arrange an appointment please contact us by email or phone.

07811466956 / 07854103270

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Opening Hours

Varying clinic times. Please contact us for further information and details about either clinic.

Home visits can be arranged if required

Redruth clinic 07854103270     St Austell clinic 07811466956


The Cornish Therapy centre is next to the Manor surgery in Redruth-  TR15 1AU 

The Merlin Centre can be found at Hewas Water off the A390 - PL26 7JF